About us Studio 9 Salon

Studio 9 Salon LLC was incorporated in 2004. The original store was comprised of 1,200 square feet. It supported 8 hair styling stations and two nail stations.

By late 2004 customer demand surpassed the size of the store. The facility size was doubled to a configuration of 2,400 square feet. This facility supported 14 styling stations, 5 nail stations, 2 pedicure stations, and a facial room.

In January 2010 we built a state of the art new free-standing building. It is located just 300 feet South of our original store. Our new salon has many design features that have a direct effect on our clients. Features include an engineered lighting system that supplies a 5500K light color. This mimics the same color that natural daylight provides. This will assure you that your hair color will look stunning in all types of lighting. We have an engineered point of use ventilation system at our nail tables. Our downdraft system expels harmful chemical agents out through the roof of the building. This provides our employees and customers a safe environment from chemical exposures. It has completely eliminated the chemical smell associated with some nail and hair salons.

Studio 9 Salon targets persons seeking high-quality hair design and color services. These services are provided in an upscale environment with a mid-range pricing structure.

Clients indicate that a trait of salons success is providing a friendly atmosphere and attention to detail. Approximately 55% of our new business is obtained from customer referrals.

Studio 9 Salon employees are the heart of the operation. The salon employs 42 persons ranging from receptionist to State of Michigan Licensed Stylists and Nail Technicians. Our employees, like our client base, are wide and varied. We have many seasoned stylists and some just entering the business. Employee turn over is very low. Most have been with the salon since inception or joined our salon soon after expansion.

The use of technology is a major contributing factor to the success of the salon. The salon has a custom software application that provides critical information on the salon’s product inventory, clients and employees.  The salon’s computer network connects twelve workstations in our facility.

Verna fully recognizes that even with talent and technology our business is service-based.  The single key to our success is our commitment to customer service. Studio 9 Salon is 100% committed to customer service. The salon offers many unique and innovative methods and to attract and set our salon apart from others. Many of these innovations are complimentary and include:

Complimentary Wedding Party Package – snacks and juices on her wedding day.

Multi-year winner WDIV’s Best of Detroit campaign. Competing with
nearly 300 hair salons throughout Metro Detroit.

Studio 9 Salon Gratuity Policy: Gratuity’s to service providers at Studio 9 Salon are optional. If you would like to leave a gratuity for a service provider please use the following guidelines. Because of increases in charge card fees, gratuities cannot be applied to charge cards or added to a personal check used to pay for salon services. You may leave a gratuity in the form of cash or personal check directly to the service provider as you wish. For your convenience, we have provided envelopes for this purpose. An ATM can also be found in the lobby.

Sterling Heights’ Top-Rated Hair and Makeup Salon

Studio 9 Salon LLC was incorporated in 2004. We offer a full range of beauty and spa services to clients in the greater Detroit area.

We have expanded consistently over the last 16 years. Currently, we operate a nearly 5,000-square-foot facility with 20 styling stations, five nail stations, four makeup stations, and private nail and waxing rooms.

Our clients enjoy world-class service for a reasonable priceand an engineered lighting system with 5500K color. This system mimics natural daylight, allowing clients to view their upscale hair and makeup in all types of lighting.

We also have an engineered point-of-use ventilation system at our nail tables. This downdraft system expels harmful chemical agents through the roof of the building andensures a safe and pleasant environment.

A Welcoming Atmosphere and Dedicated Staff

Studio 9 Salon clients appreciate our friendly team and attention to detail. Approximately 55% of our new business comes from customer referrals.

This is because Studio 9 employees are the heart of our operation. The salon employs 42 team members, ranging from receptionists tohairstylists, nail technicians, and makeupartists.

Our Sterling Heights-based client-base is varied—and so are our employees. Stylist turnover is low, and most of our team has been with the salon from the very beginning.

In short, Studio 9 Salon is 100% committed to the community we serve. By offering unique and innovative haircutting, styling, coloring, and makeup artistry methods, we’ve set our salon apart from the 300 others in the greater Detroit area.

Studio 9 Salon Gratuity Policy: Gratuities are optional here at Studio 9 Salon. If you would like to leave a gratuity for a service provider, please do so in the form of cash or a personal check. Envelopes and an ATM are available for customers’ convenience.